Wish You Were Here

Although I’m working today in the photography studio at Studios on the Park in Paso Robles, California, I wanted to add a post on a texture-blended image I often receive many questions about by gallery patrons. They often ask how the composite was created and the vintage look achieved. The image, Wish You Were Here, was taken at dawn at Harford Pier, Port San Luis Harbor, in Avila Beach, California, and is comprised of multiple HDR bracketed Camera Raw shots processed in Photomatix, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. At a later time, I blended a vintage postcard texture with an angel into the pier photograph.

Harford Pier at Dawn, Port San Luis Harbor, Avila Beach, California

Wish You Were Here

This process was done by utilizing Photoshop scripts created by the highly respected photographer, author, and instructor Uwe Steinmueller, Editor and Owner of Digital Outback Photo. Mr. Steinmueller has created many useful plug-ins and scripts for digital post-processing which I highly recommend. The scripts used in the above image are his DOP Texture-Blending scripts, which allow the photographer many choices in achieving the final artistic look desired. I must credit the amazingly talented Jerry Jones of Shadowhouse Creations for his huge array of outstanding textures. The postcard with the angel was sourced from Shadowhouse. I highly recommend his textures if you are interested in this technique. And don’t forget to make a donation!

I would also like to dedicate this post to my elderly father, Rudolph Besta, who is currently hospitalized after taking a fall. The morning I took this photograph, I had just driven Dad to the airport for a return visit to our hometown in the St. Louis metropolitan area, where he is now in the hospital. So this image is now all the more poignant for me. Please get well Dad. I do “wish you were here” and I love you very much.


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