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Below is a list of the technical articles I have written for Breathing Color, Austin-based manufacturer of advanced inkjet media and coatings for the fine art and photographic markets, followed by a list of the podcasts I have guested on, all starting with the most recent. These articles and podcasts focus on digital printing and image post-processing related topics.

I will continue to update this list as more of my articles are published on the company’s blog. Meanwhile, check out all the great content available from a wide variety of photographers and industry experts.

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Printing Tips, Tutorials and Videos:

Summary of Top Tips for Achieving Long Print Life: 7 Keys to Achieving Long Print Life

Exploring Color Gamut with ColorThink Pro Software – Inkjet Pigment Prints vs. Digital C-Prints (as featured on the Breathing Color printing blog): Ever wondered what the difference in color gamut between inkjet and chromogenic prints looks like? In this video, I compare 3D color gamut plots of various ICC printer/paper profiles for inkjet pigment prints and photo lab prints (chemical dye).

Join me as we take a look at real world profiles to illustrate how digital C-prints stack up against inkjet pigment prints.

View the video here on YouTube.

Digital Printing Guide Part Two – Color Gamut Comparisons of ICC Printer/Paper Profiles and an Exclusive Video Lesson:
The Ultimate Guide to Digital Printing: Inkjet Prints vs. C-Prints – Part 2

Digital Printing Guide Part One – Differences Between and Pros and Cons of Chromogenic Photo Lab Prints versus Inkjet Pigment Prints:
The Ultimate Guide to Digital Printing: Inkjet Prints vs. C-Prints – Part 1

A Guide to Choosing a Paper Type for Your Image: How to Choose an Inkjet Paper for Printing

All You Need to Know About Producing Great Prints Using Third-Party (Non-OEM) Papers: How to Configure Printer Settings for Third-Party Papers


My Three-Part HDR Photography & Printing Series (published in 2011):

How to Print HDR Photographs (Part One): Camera Settings and Color Management

How to Print HDR Photographs (Part Two): Monitors and Post-Processing

How To Print HDR Photographs (Part Three): Printing Tips



I also frequently appear on the #AskBC series of podcasts, which were launched in early 2015. #AskBC is a Q&A style podcast with real printing questions answered by Breathing Color staff and industry professionals. The podcasts are available on iTunes, Stitcher and SoundCloud, as well as the Breathing Color blog.

The episodes I have guested on are listed below, beginning with the most recent, and will continue to be updated to reflect the most current podcasts.

But don’t stop with mine – there are many awesome and highly informative podcasts featuring a broad array of photographers, color management experts, and industry insiders. After scouring the web for a decade seeking the best information related to digital printing and post-processing, I can say with confidence that Breathing Color and what they have done simply rocks!

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My Appearances on the #AskBC Podcasts: Photo Printing and Post-Processing Tips:

Episode 43: A detailed discussion on print permanence, testing methods/parameters, dispelling false longevity claims, best practices to achieve print longevity, and more > 3 Print Permanence False Claims and the Truth About Longevity

Episode 39: Part Two of my episode on everything color depth. Software and hardware needed to achieve 10-bit color on displays, misleading monitor specifications, the new BenQ SW2700PT display, LUTs, Apple’s new DCI-P3 color space, and more > Color Depth Confusion (Part 2)

Episode 38: In this episode, we define and discuss color depth, editing and printing in 16-bit, printing problems due to untagged files and incorrect Photoshop color settings, the Gutenprint driver on Macs, and more > Color Depth Confusion (Part 1)

Episode 35: In this episode, we discuss routine cleaning and maintenance procedures to keep your wide format printer running smoothly > Ongoing Printer Maintenance Tips

Episode 34: In this episode, we take a look at archival print mounting methods, and talk about the dangers of printhead strikes and other problems printing on heavy fine art cotton papers > Archival Mounting Strips & Problems with Heavy Cotton Papers

Episode 32: In this episode, we examine the differences between and pros and cons of chromogenic photo lab prints (aka digital c-prints) versus inkjet pigment prints > Digital C-Prints vs. Inkjet Prints – Pros, Cons & Myths

Episode 31: In this podcast, we discuss the all-too-common printing problem of dark prints > Investigating Lab and Inkjet Prints That Come Out Too Dark

Episode 29: This episode revolves around one photographer’s color problems printing on Breathing Color’s Pura Smooth cotton paper with an Epson 9900 > A Case Study in Troubleshooting Print Color Issues

Episode 28: In this podcast, I answer listener questions on Apple’s new iMac with built-in 5K Retina display, rendering intents and ICC profiles, and soft proofing images for photo lab prints > Apple 5K Display Review and Soft Proofing sRGB JPEGs

Episode 23: Part of running a successful printing operation is setting clear parameters for the file formats, sizes, color spaces, and resolution you want to receive from customers to achieve optimal prints. In this podcast, I answer listener questions on how to educate customers on file uploading, avoiding embedded profiles that disrupt an efficient workflow, and why larger commercial labs may only accept images in the lower-quality jpeg file format and sRGB color space > Embedded Profiles and Why Labs Prefer the sRGB Color Space

Episode 22: Canon Media Type Settings for Breathing Color Canvas, Soft Proofing in Lightroom, and Defeating the Dreaded Paper Curl on Fine Art Prints > Canon Media Settings, Soft-Proofing in Lightroom, and Defeating Paper Curl

Episode 17: How to Use Color Space to Your Advantage and a Rundown of Available Wide Gamut Displays > Navigating Color Spaces and Affordable Wide Gamut Displays

Episode 16: Tips for Getting Accurate Color and Troubleshooting Prints That Come Out Too Dark > Improving Color Accuracy and Why Prints Come Out Dark

Episode 15: This Episode is All About Ink – Using Jon Cone’s Color and Piezography Ink Sets, Epson’s ABW Mode for Black and White Printing, and RIP Software for Great-Looking and Cost-Effective Custom Solutions > Piezography Third Party Ink Sets, Epson’s ABW Mode, and More Advanced Ink Techniques

Episode 11: In this Listener-Favorite Episode of #AskBC, I Talk About What Rendering Intents Are and How to Choose the Right One for Your Workflow > Rendering Intents, the Right Paper for the Job, and More Photo Printing Tips

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