Following are recommendations and feedback I’ve received from clients, students, and professionals. Included are those who’ve commented on technical articles I’ve written on HDR photography, color management, post-processing, and printing on Breathing Color’s Art of Printmaking blog; listeners of Breathing Color’s printmaking podcasts who’ve left reviews on iTunes; students who have taken my classes; artists and photographers I have made prints for; colleagues who’ve worked with me; and collectors of my photography.

iTunes Reviews on Breathing Color Printmaking Podcasts:

by Swizzleschtick – Apr 26, 2016
I started listening a couple months before I got my Epson P800 at the beginning of 2016. Very helpful. So when I got my printer, I (kinda) hit the ground running. Opened me up to a Brave New World of terms and concepts. Been printing for only 4 months and things are going “swimmingly.” To Infinity and Beyond! Thanks to all at #AskBC.

Great Podcast
by Bob in Madison, WI – Apr 11, 2016

This is one of the best podcasts I have found. It’s difficult to find good, useful information about fine art printing and Justin and Renee and the other guests never cease to deliver great, factual information in an easy to understand format. I look forward to every episode as I take on the challenge of producing my own fine art prints!!!! Thank you guys!

A Must Listen . . .
by David Ramsey – Apr 3, 2016
While this podcast is a fantastic resource for anyone doing their own printing, if you use an Epson printer this is a must. There are tips on this podcast that you will not get anywhere else. Renee Besta and Ron Ardito are both excellent guests that frequently appear on the podcasts. Renee’s knowledge of fine art printing, and tips on printer maintenance are invaluable, and you won’t get them from Epson, no matter where you look. Keep up the terrific work.

Great Information that’s USEFUL!!
by JimBobTX – Mar 12, 2016
This is the podcast you want to subscribe to if you are interested in photography and/or printing. You’ll get USEFUL information here you won’t likely find in other places. Justin does a great job of lining up guest experts to help explain the nuances of various subjects. I’m a pro photographer and I listen to the podcast regularly – and buy Breathing Color’s canvases and varnishes for use in my own work. The recent podcast on printer maintenance is chock full of great tips!

AskBC – Wonderful Resource for All Photographers
by Grant Taylor – Dec 3, 2015
I just listened to Renee Besta’s episode #32 on the difference between “Digital C-Prints and Inkjet Prints – Pros, Cons & Myths” . . . incredible information on the longevity and quality issues on both. This is an incredible Podcast– so much meaningful information on Printing, and in Digital Photography in general . . . you must Subscribe!!

Very helpful printing podcast
by AreaArray – Sep 11, 2015
Love the podcast. Especially the episodes with Renee Besta. I trust her knowledge, which can be hard to find in this realm. Her thoroughness is very appreciated, and is a must when becoming a good printer.

Always Great Information!
by LightScap3s – Sep 5, 2015
This is an awesome podcast with tons of information for us Printmakers. The lovely Renee Besta is my FAV, Please keep up the great work – congrats!

A Great Resource For Those Who Print
by Senor MegaPelo – Dec 7, 2015
Highly informative podcast that moves at a nice clip. The guests are top-notch, too! Please keep up the great work, BC!

Great printing-focused podcast
by tlinn – May 29, 2015
This is a great podcast if you’re into printing high quality photographic prints. Each podcast features experts that discuss topics such as printer maintenance, rendering intents, and other topics that from which someone with an advanced knowledge of photography and printing could benefit.

Very Informative
by Captain Kirkwulf – May 15, 2015
There aren’t a whole lot of places for a printmaker to have their questions answered by such knowledgeable and experienced people. This is a great resource for any Giclée printmaker. My only complaint is that the episodes are too short!

Lots of excellent information
by geophoto1969 – Jun 18, 2015
Photographers who work with high-quality inkjet printers will find a wealth of information here. Highly recommended!

On Point Interviews
by DenverCity – Jun 14, 2015
Hats off to Breathing Color for creating a series of podcasts that target all things printing! Not only do they draw on their own years of experience, but they are bringing people at the top of their game in the printing world in to discuss and talk about various issues which is great. Not is it only interesting to listen to be extremely informative!

by TheMechanic404 – Jul 15, 2015
Definitive print making resource. Highly recommended.

Feedback on My Breathing Color Technical Articles on HDR Photography, Color Management and Printing:

“I…wanted to extend my thanks. Your articles that I had found regarding HDR photography and your workflow have helped me tremendously during my research in regards to image quality differences of HDR images through a print vs. screen comparison that I am completing for my Masters Degree at RIT. You certainly have a talent for teaching and breaking things down in a way that has helped me personally understand elements that I had trouble piecing together. Thank you again!” – Kristen Oney, Rochester Institute of Technology, Graduate Assistant, Center for Student Conduct; MS, Print Media, 2013; BFA, Visual Media, 2011; Alpha Sigma Alpha

“Thank you so much for such good information on printing HDR images. One of the best articles on the subject I have ever seen.” – John Parkinson

“Ms. Besta provides one of the top tutorials without trying to be an entertainer. It is eminently clear and concise. I look forward to the next installment. Renée, you should have published this as a book. Best I’ve read.” – Bob A.

“You do what many writers fail to do. You write clearly and with little, if any, ambiguity. This an essential skill to have if you want to teach others how to do something. An enjoyable read. Thanks.” – Martin Phillips

“Now this was some very useful information! I’ve been shooting HDR for a long time and have read some informative articles about it, but your information Renee is specific, useful and can be acted on. Thanks!” – Bill G.

“This article is a must read for anyone serious about printing. For those just getting into fine art printing, Renée’s step-by-step approach will save much ink, paper and frustration. For those of us that do print intermittently, it is an excellent review and guide to get us back up to speed. The writing is clear and concise. The work flow is spot on. Renée, thank you for putting this together.” – Barney Koszalka

 “This was really good to read. You really went deep into the best practices here. Something that can’t be plugged enough. That’s what I appreciated about it, that you went into the sliders. Moving the sliders and knowing why to move them towards realism or effect of textures is powerful. Your article is great for describing the front end and best practices for this genre. I would hope that even if those reading this don’t have access to a professional printing device…would appreciate the work that goes into preparing for fine print. You describe chromatic aberrations and fringing and that is really important to pay attention to. The one point that seemed really crucial here is, as you describe, has to do with the image passing muster as a final art print. Just because it looks good on the web does not qualify or guarantee that it will translate into a professional looking print, especially if you’re going large-format 24 inches up. And that’s where the herd begins to separate.” – Will Espada, Espada and Associates Fine Art

“Another outstanding and immediately useful article on HDR. I’m a big fan of your writing and the excellent information you share. Thanks.” – Bill G.

“What a great series of articles, Renée! I’ve been looking for a way of getting started with HDR photography for a while now and your articles are the best I’ve ever seen! Great job! I can’t wait to get my camera up and running and start shooting!” – Artur Patkowski

“What a fantastic finish to a superb series! The information found in the 3 articles can be considered “The Encyclopedia” on printing HDR photography. The photos are great and the screen shots are informative. Very well done. Not only are you explaining the ‘how’ but also ‘why’ each step of the way is important. It can be easy to overlook certain areas of any workflow, but you’ve shown that with a thorough understanding, anyone can achieve the most out of their photography and printing output. Thank you for such a comprehensive guide!” – Paul Morales

“Amazing article, Renée!! Love the section on ICC profiles – I’ve found it’s something people stay away from thinking it’s out of their realm of understanding. When in actuality it’s very straight forward. Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience with us, it’s been very helpful.” – Brian Ford

“This article is amazing! Congratulations!! I haven’t even been able to get all the way through it yet because I keep stopping to look up various items. Like it didn’t occur to me when I purchased and installed CS5 that I would have to go in and adjust the color settings that you helped me with in CS3, duh! Can’t wait for the next articles. Very nice job and you have every right be proud of yourself!!” – Ralph G.

“Incredible amount of information. Can’t wait to see what is next! Thanks for posting this.” – Stephen Warth

Comments From a Collector:

“Renée, I just wanted to let you know we are all very much enjoying your beautiful works. They are prominently displayed in our common areas amongst other fine art pieces, including Ansel Adams originals and oils from Santa Fe.” – Jim and Eunice S.

Feedback From Class Students: 

“Renée, great class with lots of helpful info. You are a terrific instructor with an ability to make technical stuff understood by even the non-tech person (me). Great job! If you gave a class on just printing we’d take it!” – Ronnie G.

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge about HDR. I am new to it so all that you presented was very interesting and do-able to me. Thank you for heading me in the right direction.” – Christina S.

“Such a wealth of information. And your workshop was first class, I really enjoyed it. Not only is your knowledge impressive, but you also have the ability to convey the information effectively. That part was fun, now I have to actually do it. Thanks for getting me started.” – Dagmar C.

“Renée, the class was very insightful. I am so pleased with everything you presented. I cannot imagine trying to start HDR without having taken your class. I can’t wait to get started! Thank you.” – Kristin S.

“I enjoyed the class and now see how you pull details out that one cannot even see. It was apparent you put in a lot of effort assembling everything for us. Best regards.” – Rich M.

Recommendations From Professional Colleagues 

“Renée shows creative vision and professionalism in all that she undertakes. Her photography is visually stunning, showing not only an understanding of composition but also mastery of the technical aspects of the camera and the digital darkroom. She is quite accomplished in HDR techniques, piezography and giclée printing. As a digital imaging instructor, she freely shares her expansive knowledge with her peers. She is also an incredibly talented graphic designer and writer. Exhibiting total mastery of InDesign, she produced top quality newsletters for the San Luis Obispo Camera Club and the Central Coast Photographic Society. Her leadership and management skills resulted in the Photographic Society being resurrected from near death. Membership levels are still on the rise thanks to the appealing offering of technical programs she has arranged. The Shapes and Shades exhibition at the Morro Bay Art Association Gallery was a tremendous success thanks to her efforts. Renée is a very talented, dedicated and hardworking individual. I highly recommend her.” – Carol DiNolfo, Sr. Digital Systems Engineer, Former IT Manager and Editor, Lepp Institute of Digital Imaging

“I had the opportunity to be involved in projects and events spearheaded by Renée Besta. I have to say that given the challenges of those projects, it was a pleasure seeing the level of professionalism executed by Renée. I highly recommend her for skills and experience. Her attention to detail, creativity and organized approach with project management delivered impressive results on time.” – William Espada, Espada and Associates Fine Art

“Renée is a one-woman dynamo loaded with technical and creative talent that many of us would envy. As President of the Central Coast Photographic Society, not only has she turned the Society around, but has made the monthly programs more interesting with talented and informative guest speakers. She has also brought forth many new exhibition opportunities to our group. Renée has given us a healthy new vision and new life back to the organization once again. As the Editor and Designer of the monthly Courier e-newsletter for the San Luis Obispo Camera Club, her writing and design work ability is amazing. Renée has brought the Courier into the 21st century. This outstanding ability of writing and designing also follows Renée with her work as a monthly columnist at the online SLO Coast Journal where she shines in her work. Having stated all of this, her photography is absolutely stunning and beautiful, winning many awards. Renée has the combination of technique and creativity along with the knowledge and use of her equipment. If you are looking for Fine Art on your wall, look no further. Renée shares her talent and vast amounts of expertise to everyone not only as club members, friends as well as fellow photographers. She is also an excellent piezography and giclée printer. When the occasion arises for my need for large prints, I will indeed utilize her talents. I would definitely recommend Renée.” – James Crawford, Owner JAC Design

“Renée is energetic, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. She is organized, exceptionally effective in her work and an eloquent writer and photographer.” – Tony Hertz, Professional Photographer; Instructor, Cuesta College Fine Arts Division

“I read the other recommendations, and I agree with everything others had to say. I have personally observed her positive qualities: ambitious, dedicated; excelling at everything she sets her hand to. She is an excellent photographer, Photoshop expert, very knowledgeable at printing, and when she is in charge of a project, gives it everything she’s got.” – Donna Johnson, Owner, Donna Johnson Photography

Feedback from a Printing Client: 

“Picked up the print yesterday. FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS. I just love it. The lighthouse shot you printed for me sold at the Museum of Art’s Photomorphosis exhibit. YAY! Thanks!” – Anita R.

More testimonials to follow…

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